As an enterprise seeking peaceful coexistence between nature, human beings and businesses, Peaufine Cosmetics pledges elimination of unnecessary animal testing for cosmetics to respect all living creatures. Through continuous cooperation with academia, Peaufine Cosmetics will further enhance our efforts to develop alternative testing methods.
Our Story Begins With A Vision

Peaufiné Cosmetics, Inc. was founded with the vision for high-quality skin care products that transform your skin, giving you confidence and joy in your appearance. Our founder has over 20 years experience as a chemist, and always been interested in skin care and base makeup for his wife and for his family and friends.

Highest Quality Have been proven to facilitate younger, healthier skin

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Our Values

Botanical Herb Complex is the core of Peaufine-Belle skincare. Believing that beauty secrets are found in nature, we unearth the wisdom of Botanical Herb Complex and use the high-quality ingredients in the ultimate skin care products. Using Mistletoe, Camomile, Calendula and Rosemary among other ingredients to form our signature complexes we nourish and moisturize the skin on a deeper level, utilizing the best of nature and science.

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